Aug. 10-13 | Orlando, Florida

The beauty of Isagenix events is their diversity; after each event you attend, you come away with a new and improved understanding of Isagenix. Our no-compromise products, essential business tools, and other necessities required to achieve your desired success are the building blocks of our events. By helping to establish and refine your skillset, each event will support you in every step of your Isagenix journey.

From August 9, 2021 – January 9, 2022, tickets for this epic event will be on sale for $159. That’s a total savings of $40!


Why Attend?


Clear a space on your vision board to attend the next event with your fellow Isagenix leaders. These motivating events are all about growing, learning proven success skills, and taking your life to where you truly want to be. You’ll come away from Celebration ready to take the first step toward creating your ideal life.

Get Inspired

Your future is in your hands, and it can shine even brighter when you’re inspired and empowered. You’ve always known there was something special about you, so inspiring yourself to change the world is exactly what this event is about.

Community & Culture

Everything is connected. Elite products connected with groundbreaking science. Amazing people connected to the community in the pursuit of something better. The potential for something great lives in each of us. We’re here to make it happen.



Nadia P

My cup is overflowing right now. I have never been more proud of what we have at our company.  Three days of heart felt inspired messages as leaders poured greatness into all of us.  Whether it be initiatives like the Isa Foundation that is prompting health in children in need through education and service or stellar science minds like Dr. Plant with innovative products, a movement of young people proving that millennials are here to bless others, our owners and founders who are top notch leaders.  The unity, passion and community we felt at this event is unmatched. ​

Lindsay H

The training, growth and community that comes from Celebration is invaluable!  The inspiration and motivation found at our flagship event is priceless, and cannot be found anywhere else! 

Amanda R

Events are non-negotiable. Get your team in the seats.  Get pumped up, get fired up, get shocked. Truth bombs are going to get dropped and you are going to be amazed.

Michael S

This event was just what I needed. Every year they find ways to make it better and better. It’s a giant party with people who value health and wellbeing. I wouldn’t miss it.


  • First, click any of the “Buy Now” buttons from this website. This will take you into your Back Office where you can purchase tickets. 
  • There will be a drop-down menu for the number of tickets you wish to purchase. Choose up to 5 and then click “Purchase Tickets.” 
  • On the next page, please be sure that all information looks correct. You will see an order total on this page. If you have any event coupons, you may apply them in the next section. 
  • Please confirm your payment method information. If needed, you may add new credit card information at this point. Also be sure to confirm the correct billing address is listed! Once you have confirmed that all information on this page is correct and you have agreed to the statements at the bottom of the page, you can select “Place Order.” 
  • Your invoice for this transaction will be loaded to your Order History in your Back Office. We look forward to seeing you at this incredible event! 

All attendees, including children, must have a valid ticket to attend the event. Children ages 16 years and under must be accompanied by a person 18 or over, and proof of identity and age of the person 18 or over must be provided on request to gain admission to the event. Isagenix reserves the right to limit attendance to certain events to persons who are at least 18. Due to the noise, volume, theatrics, and length of certain events, such as flashing lights and volume at high decibels, these environments may be uncomfortable and potentially unsuitable or dangerous for children. Before deciding to bring children to any event, I will consider the environment and the potential impact that decision could have on my child and on others who attend the event. Isagenix will not issue refunds based on a complaint that any aspect of the event, including the behavior of other audience members, causes discomfort or offense to me or any children in my party.

Yes, specific languages will be announced soon!

We LOVE that you want to schedule a team meeting and encourage you to host something special either before or after our corporate event dates of August 10  August 13, 2022. Because of the short amount of time we have with you, any meeting planned outside of our corporate functions will not be approved within our event dates.

We recommend visiting this site for options and availability of nearby hotels.  

Join us for Celebration 2022!

Aug. 10-13 | Orlando, FL

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