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Healthy Mind & Body Event – Chicago, IL CANCELLED

June 17


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As an innovative program custom designed for Isagenix, Healthy Mind and Body fosters accountability and dedication to continuous improvement of your health and fitness so you can achieve and sustain incredible, long-lasting results. You will develop the strategies and tools you need to maintain a healthy identity, both physically and mentally. Join us for an exclusive training that will teach you how to coach others and build your business using the program. Whether you are thinking of joining, currently participating, or looking to introduce the program to others, you will walk away motivated to start Healthy Mind and Body or encouraged to help others to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Visit HealthyMindAndBody.com for more information.


Chicago, IL – Healthy Mind and Body Event & Experience Isagenix Presentation, June 17, 2017 – EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED!

Featured Trainers and Hosts:
Rod Hairston
Mastermind behind the Healthy Mind and Body program
World-renowned Life Coach and Author

Rod Hairston


CEO and Chairman of Growth-U

Rod Hairston is one of the fastest growing authorities in the area of organizational culture, leadership and human potential. Rod has coached leaders on Forbes’s 400 list, star athletes and organizations like Disney, ABC, and Honeywell. Rod is a dynamic speaker and author of the highly acclaimed book “Are You Up for the Challenge? Six Steps to Lasting Change, Starting Now… Not Someday.” As a part of the Naval Special Warfare’s Mobile Communications team, Rod was an instructor for the Navy Seals early in his career and spent several years as Master Trainer for Anthony Robbins. For over 20 years he has helped more than 500,000 individuals and organizations transform their identity for long-lasting results with programs like his 45-Day Challenge® series, which has been internationally recognized as one of the best integration programs for change and results. Rod and Growth-U are also the creators of the highly successful Healthy Mind and Body program created for Isagenix.

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Please check back for future events!


If you are currently in Healthy Mind and Body, interested or about to start Healthy Mind and Body, graduated Healthy Mind and Body, or want to get back on track in your Healthy Mind and Body program, this four-hour event segment is designed to support you in understanding the value and principles of the Healthy Mind and Body Program. Rod Hairston is going to take your awareness and implementation to a whole other level.

Do you know anyone who is interested in Isagenix? The Experience Isagenix 1-hour presentation portion of this event by Lisa Koch is also ideal for introducing your friends and family to our culture and opportunity.

In order to maintain a healthy body you must maintain a healthy mindset and lifestyle. The Healthy Mind and Body Event and Experience Isagenix Presentation combined is an energizing 5-hour event that will entertain you, educate you, and most of all, empower you to be healthy for the rest of your life.

Who is invited:

  • Healthy Mind and Body current participants
  • Healthy Mind and Body graduates
  • Someone interested in joining Healthy Mind and Body
  • Someone looking to lead and coach people through Healthy Mind and Body
  • Someone interested in joining Isagenix
  • Someone who stopped using the Isagenix product and want to start using them again
  • Someone who started the program and looking to get back into Healthy Mind and Body
  • An Isagenix product user wanting to know more about Healthy Mind and Body
  • Someone that has used the products and has become inactive with Isagenix and is considering re-joining
  • Anyone interested in creating a healthy lifestyle

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Topics covered:

  • Deeper dive into the Cycle of Growth for health and business and how to manage your attitude and effort along the way with the triad: Focus, Self-talk and Physical Expression
  • Reinforcement of the models in the Healthy Mind and Body program: Belief Model, BICE, Seven Categories of Deception and Six Steps to Lasting Change
  • Go deeper into your “Why” for getting healthier and celebrate your new healthier identity for the long term